Kat WilliamsInternal Account Manager

    I have worked in Customer Service/Sales for 22 years now, with various job roles, including running a Clothing and Equipment store for the British Army in Germany. I strive to give amazing Customer Service and positive outcomes in all aspects of my life. Working at Countrywide is like one big family who all pull together as a team to achieve our goals and to always offer more.

    Likes: Spending time with the kids, (on the opposite side of the coin, alone time without the kids!) travelling, binge-watching box sets, trying to sing and socialising with my friends

    Dislikes: Wasps, and speeding

    Hobbies: Long walks with my Husband and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, listening to music, watching box sets and having movie marathons

    The one thing I cannot live without: Steak, my phone, my huge family, Gin and Wine.