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Countrywide Healthcare introduces the brand new Dip-San!

Countrywide Healthcare is proud to introduce the brand-new Dip-San hygienic toilet brush. The product will take care of both your budget and your washroom, keeping visitors happy.

Replacing toilet brushes can be expensive and time-consuming. Research has found that a facility with 50 cubicles replacing toilet brushes every 6 months equates to a shocking 500 brushes over a 5-year period! This problem may be caused by a lack of guidance available to facility managers on the most hygienic method of looking after toilet brushes. This has even led to a ban on keeping toilet brushes in many facilities. Studies have shown that many infections and medical complications suffered by nursing home residents may come as a result of improper hygiene. Bathrooms and shower areas that are not sanitized on a regular basis represent an area where germs and illnesses often spread among residents.

To tackle this problem, the Dip-San toilet brush has been created to allow you to re-use your toilet brush without having the risk of poor hygiene. Sales of this product would mean a rapid reduction of toilet brushes being recycled, incinerated or sent to landfill. You can now ensure your care home will meet the highest standards of hygiene whilst taking care of the environment.


What are the main attributes of the Dip-San Toilet Brush system?


  • The cleaning fluid deactivates MRSA, C Difficile, HIV, Hep B, C and many more.
  • Kills Micro-organisms that give rise to unpleasant odours.
  • Non-Hazardous.
  • Contains only biodegradable raw materials.
  • Time efficient- in using the same toilet brush rather than shopping for one regularly, you are simply saving time and energy.
  • Cost effective- the cost to replace your toilet brush regularly can be a substantial amount of money. By re-using the toilet brush, you are effectively saving money that can be used for additional products in your care home.

The Dip-San Toilet Brush is Suitable for all Cleaning Regimes


There are floor standing, wall mounted and portable variations of the product available to choose from, allowing Dip-San to be a cost-effective system that suits all cleaning regimes!


How much is the running cost of the product?

Floor/ Wall Mounted Dip-San Toilet Brush System


Based on a weekly chemical change, the estimated cost is as follows:

Initial 1 Year Cost:

Dip-San – £14.50

Fluid- £8

Brush Heads- £1.25

Year 1 Cost= £23.75


Year 2-5 Cost:

Dip-San- £0.00

Fluid- £8.00

Brush Heads- £2.50

Year 2-5 Cost= £10.50

5 Year Cost:

Total to spend over 5 year period= £65.75

Average annual spend per cubicle= £13. 15

Average monthly spend per cubicle= £1.10

Portable Dip-San Toilet Brush System

Based on a chemical change every 20 toilet cleans, the estimated cost is as follows:

Initial Year 1 cost:

Portable Dip-San- £18.00

Fluid- £8.00 x 15 Litres= £120

Brush heads (assuming new brush head every 2 months) – £6.25

Year 1 Cost= £144.25

Year 2- 5 cost:

Dip-San- £0.00

Fluid- £8.00 x 15 = £120 per year

Brush Heads (assuming new brush head after 2 months)- £7.50

Year 2-5 cost- £127.50 per year

5 Year Cost:

Total to spend over 5 year period= £654.50

Average annual spend per portable= £130.90

Average monthly spend per portable= £10.90

Quick and easy use with the Dip-San Cleaning Fluid!

The toilet brush can quickly be cleaned alongside the Dip-San cleaning fluid to ensure the product is as good as new and ready for use next time. Our Dip-San fluid is proven to be tough on germs yet environmentally friendly.

After use, you can simply:

1)      Place the brush into the holder containing Dip-San cleaning fluid

2)      Depress the handle to dip it into the fluid, rotating the brush handle to assist with cleaning.

3)      After letting go, the brush will return to the original position.

Your toilet brush will now be clean and will appear brand new for visitors of your washroom!


Easy and Efficient to Refresh

It is simple and time efficient to refresh the cleaning solution after use. To refresh, simply follow these 5 easy steps:

1)      Remove brush

2)      Flush away used solution

3)      Fill reservoir with water to the top of the agitation ribs

4)      Add 20ml of Dip-San Cleaning Fluid using the guide on the label

5)      Replace the brush


100% Lifetime Warranty Guarantee


Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, Dip-San is designed to provide many years of hygienic service, backed by a Lifetime Guarantee!