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Fresh Troubleshooting Guide
Question If Not Comment
Have all three chemical drums (laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and destainer) got lances/hoses connected to them and are any of them empty?
If a drum is missing or emply, replace and fit lance/hose
Are the correct brand of chemicals being used?
Always use Fresh laundry chemical for the best results.
Other branded chemicals should never be used in Countrywide dosing equipment.
Can you see chemical in the tubing?
If only visible in only one or two tubes then a tube could be blocked.
Have the tubes got labels on, and if so are the tubes in the correct chemicals?
If incorrect chemicals are connected these need to be changed.
Are all the drums being changed regularly?
Is the formula select box on the front is being used to choose the required program?
If you are selecting the correct programs there could be a blocked hose, call Countrywide to discuss.
Is there power to the formula select?
Check power is switched on, if still not working call Countrywide to discuss.
If you push a button the display should be working.
Has anything changed in the laundry recently?
What has changed? It may be important
Call Countrywide to discuss.
Do you use different wash programs on the formula select depending on the type of wash e.g normal soil, heavy soil, red beg.?
If not training required, check that you have the laundry program wash chart and speak to the account manager
Call Countrywide if you need a wash program wall chart.
Are they any leaks from the washing machine?
Find out if the leak is chemical or water, if chemical call Countrywide to discuss.
If water then you need to call out whoever manages your washing machines.
Will the keypad move freely via the + & - buttons when not in a wash programme?
If not then call Countrywide to discuss.
Where is the chemical stored prior to be connected to the auto dosing system
Chemicals should be kept in a warm environement, not outdoors in a shed in winter.
Is there a water softener? Is it working?
If not recharge or repair
We do not change and repair water softeners, please speak to your supplier.
Is laundry put or kept on the floor?
This will cause stains, keep it off the floor
Is the heavy soil program or red bag program being chosen on the formula select? Is the laundry machine being used correctly e.g. slice wash for red bags?
If not training required, speak to your Countrywide account manager
Are lights and darks being washed seperately?
Wash seperately if possible
Make a note of the top left hand corner of the pump, it will have a numeric value. Complete an additional wash cycle, Has the cycle number gone up one?
If not call Countrywide to discuss.